Other Builders' Photos

Folks visiting this WEB site have asked if I have pictures of other builders’ projects. I’m happy to say that I have received some from builders of a Squidget and expect to receive some from another builder who changed the cabin design to meet his unique needs.

To protect these builder's privacy, If you would like to ask any of them a question, please email me and tell me who you want to contact. I will send them an email with your email address and request for contact.

Click on the smaller images below to view a larger photo.

George W. from Texas is well along with his Squidget. These three below show the cabin after all of the seams have been fiberglass taped and resin applied to the rest of the exterior, and after one application of primer was applied. It appears that George built or had built a custom frame just like mine, even with the rear bumper.

Norm M. from New Mexico sent these photos of his Squidget. The first four are in-progress shots of the cabin and then two of the completed exterior. Norm installed a window in front so he can see outside while standing at the galley. Norm has already completed a 2800 mile round trip in his great-looking TTT.

Not all trailers built from my plans necessarily have to be a Squidget design. John needed a trailer to carry his craft merchandise to craft shows and a camper to sleep in while there. John used my plans as a building guide to build this "box" shaped trailer that met his specific needs. Once the craft merchandise is taken out for sale, John folds down wall-mounted bunks for sleeping. Nice job John!!!

There’s more than one way to skin a cat…or a trailer. Jeffery from Missouri bought a cheap, used tiny travel trailer, totally dismantled the cabin, and started building his own TTT design on the chassis. His design appears to have more interior space than the original TTT. Jeffrey’s chassis has a drop-down floor area for standing, keeping the overall height lower than my Squidget. Now, there’s a guy after my own heart--one who just likes to build things. Actually, he saved a lot of money by salvaging and reusing the windows, chassis, door and other parts that were in good condition. It will be interesting to see how it turns out. Here are a few of his build photos.

Out in Oklahoma, Lee done a very fast job of constructing his “Blue Ridge Baby”. Lee decided to have a four foot width to his trailer and opted to make flat panels for the top rather than the curve as it was easier to build. Lee’s trailer retains the basic look of the original Squidget, but is truly a one-of-a-kind tiny travel trailer. It just goes to show you what imagination and elbow grease will accomplish.

Here's a look at Lee's build progress.

Below are some photos of another TTT built very closely to the plans for the original Squidget by Kenneth D. from Massachusetts. Kenneth ordered the plans in early Fall of 2011 and finished this beauty mid-Summer of 2012 in time to take a 10 day trip to Cape Cod. Kenneth built on a 5 x 8 Northern Tools utility trailer frame (stretched 3 inches by bolting extra 2x4's front and back), so it’s about 9” shorter than my original Squidget. His interior is beautifully done, following the original plans, with cabinetry in both front and back. He constructed his door, fiberglassed the exterior and added a narrow battery box on the tongue. He also uses a solar panel to charge the battery as the lights are mostly LEDs and don’t use much power. Thanks to Kenneth for sharing his photos.