Light-weight – At 1400 lbs. (dry weight), The Squidget is towable by nearly all small pickup trucks, most mini-vans/SUVs and many compact autos. Be sure to check your vehicle's towing capability specs. Some 4 cylinder/auto transmission combinations may not perform as well as specs indicate. Front-wheel drive vehicles are not as good as rear wheel drive vehicles at towing either. At only 5’ wide, no extra rearview mirrors are required to see behind. The basic Squidget PT is a little over 200 lbs. heavier than the original Squidget. The PT should still be towable by most small pickup trucks, mini-vans, SUVs and some compact automobiles (check your vehicles towing capacity carerully)

Compact But Spacious – The cabin for each TTT is only 5’ wide with the Squidget's cabin at 12’ long and the Pt's cabin at 12' 6" long. Despite their small size, both are quite spacious inside. Both provide a standup height of 6’ 2” at the peak and over 26 square feet of open floor space in “couch mode”. Even with the bed extended for sleeping, there is still room for two people to stand at the same time between the end of the bed and the front galley cabinet. Of all the comments I've received from folks who looked at my trailers, the comment most often made was that the trailers looked larger inside than they did outside. People are often surprised that for such a tiny travel trailer, you have enough room to move about inside that you don't feel closed in or cramped for space.

Dual Electrical System – All systems in both trailers except the air conditioning and microwave are 12-VDC. I installed a 110-VAC shore cable hookup to power an AC/DC converter in the Squidget and an onboard battery charger in the PT. Either unit provides 3-stage battery charging which maintains the battery at peak charge when not in use. Both trailers have 12-VDC and 110-VAC Wall outlets in front and back of the cabin. A tongue box houses the main 30 amp breaker, shore cable and a 12V deep cycle battery.

Interior convenience – The galley cabinets have a counter top over storage cabinets. A separate Porti-Potti cabinet in the Squidget doubles as a platform for a cooler and the PT features a ceiling-high (56") cabinet that houses a Porti-Potti, a microwave and an icebox. The Squidget, being taller inside has shelving in upper front and back (add doors and they become cabinets). The comfortable 58" cabin-wide couch converts quickly and easily into the bed. A wall-mounted, fold-down shelf held a 13" analog TV in the Squidget, but the PT has a swing-out mount for the newer 19" HDTV. Both have a TV antenna outside with a coax connection for the TV as well as an outside coax connector for cable access.

Comforts of larger units – The bed is almost queen-sized at 58” wide by 78” long. Four inch thick foam seat cushions with a 3" memory foam topper in the Squidget provided a 7 inch foam mattress with comfort matching that of my bedroom mattress set in my home. for the PT, I opted for 4" foam cusions with 2" of memory foam laminated to them. The cabins also feature a 5000 BTU Air Conditioner, a 3-speed, reversible, thermostatically controlled ceiling vent/fan and two screened crank out awning type windows. A conventional RV door with separate screen door provides additional ventilation in the Squidget. Foam insulation in the walls, ceiling, and floor helps keep interior temperatures stable. I wanted more conveniences in the PT so I added a sink, cooktop unit, propane tank and rear mounted spare tire. I also built-in a rear-cabin stereo system in the PT.

Ample Storage – Both trailers provide storage in the galley cabinets, under the couch, plus the overhead shelves or cabinets in the Squidget. The PT makes up for the lack of upper cabinets with larger galley cabinets The low porta-potti cabinet in the Squidget doubles as a place to sit your cooler at a comfortable height for accessing the contents. The tongue boxes in front have enough room to store additional small items. The tongue boxes on both trailers and rear storage compartment of the Squidget have key locks for security.

Feature and Specification Comparisons
Features/Specifications Squidget Pop Top
Chassis Length 9’ 10’
Chassis Width 5’ 5’
Cabin Length 12’ 12’ 6”
Cabin Width 5’ 5’
Overall Height 94” 83”
Dry Weight (Note 1) 1400 lbs. 1620 lbs.
Convertible Couch/Bed Yes Yes
AC/DC Electrical System Yes Yes
Propane Cook-Top Unit No Yes
Icebox/Refrigerator No Yes
Sink No Yes
Water Tank No No
Water Heater No No
Vent/Fan Yes Yes
AC Unit Yes Yes
TV/Cable Connection Yes Yes
TV Antenna Yes Yes

Note 1: The dry weight of each trailer includes the AC unit and the 12-VDC battery. The Pop Top’s heavier dry weight includes more steel in the 12" longer chassis, more cabinetry and the ice box.

Note 2: Items listed as "Yes" are features that are installed in my trailers. Any of the features listed as "No" can be installed in either trailer as a builder option.