Other Plans

Over the years I’ve designed and constructed a number of helpful devices that I think others might find useful. I’ve saved the diagrams that I created to help me build these items and in the coming months I will be further developing these diagrams and creating written instructions to go with them to form sets of plans that anyone can follow to build these items for themselves. These are some of the things I will be creating plans to build:

• 7 cu. ft. garden dump cart
• Rotating Pegboard stand for hanging tools and parts.
• Folding miter saw stand with two wheels to move about when folded up.
• Plant stand to place near a window.
• Hobby work table
• Wheeled carrier for 3 gallon garden sprayer.

These plan sets will be for sale for no more than $5.00 per set and will be available for download only. If you think you may be interested in seeing these items and possibly building one or more of them, come back after November 1 to see what I’ve made available for sale.